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Emily Gonzales

Training Certifications
200HR / 500-Hour / Group Fitness

Emily embraces her inner geek. Actually, there's nothing inner about it. She pretty geeky on the outside too. She has a PhD in ecology and teaches university courses. As a scientist, she loves to experiment and offer mindful movement rooted in exploration, discovery and a love for life. Mindful movement is about fostering an intentional physical practice supported by breath, strength, and equanimity. Emily’s classes explore different themes so that you can build a skillful understanding of how to move, stretch and strengthen according to your unique composition. She draws from a rich diversity of in-depth trainings and workshops, which allows her to tailor classes to meet your specific needs. With 30 years of experience as a fitness instructor, she is knowledgeable in anatomy, contraindications, and modifications to serve clients of all ages and abilities. She began incorporating asana into fitness classes after she discovered her own practice in 2003. Together, she invites you to find the balance of inspiration, perspiration, and relaxation that best serves your needs.

What can students expect from your class? Expect a teacher who is available to listen and tailor the class to meet your needs. Expect transformation - to emerge from class with your body and mind ready to take on the world.

Training Certifications: 200HR / 500-Hour / Group Fitness