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We make it easy for owners to focus on what’s important — yoga and community. We share what’s helped us build our business so you can grow yours.

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Bring YYOGA to your neighborhood

We are Canada’s original network of yoga studios, established in the community for 16+ years. We've set out to create inclusive spaces where our guests can disconnect and go inward. We know this is more important than ever before.

  • Be Well Supported

    As an owner, you will be well supported by an established team and brand with 16+ years of proven success, a business and financial model, as well as experience attracting, collaborating, and mentoring teacher talent.

  • The Experience

    The state of our surroundings affects the state of our mind. Our environments are primed for mind, body, and soul connection. It’s not just what we’re doing, but where we’re doing it. We’ve worked to perfect the studio experience to meet the needs of our guests while still being a sustainable business model.

  • Our Community

    We are passionate about building a diverse yoga community. Why? Because we believe yoga is about developing personally and collectively. In embracing the essence of yoga, meaning to unite, we partner with studios and build new spaces to create environments that support healthy and sustainable communities and long lasting relationships.

About Us

We make it easy for our owners to focus on what’s important: incredible yoga education, experiences with the best teachers, and building community.

We have operational procedures, marketing plans, and trainings that have helped us grow. Collectively, we have:

  • Served 405,641+ people.
  • Hosted 498,246+ classes since our first studio opened.
  • That’s 8.5 million visits!

As an owner, you’ll operate this proven business model.

Are you ready?

We feel it’s important to partner with those who are passionate about living their healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled life — and who want to inspire others to do the same.

We’re looking for incredible leaders, passionate about wellness who have a natural talent to uplift and inspire others to be healthier and happier with the help of yoga; we believe when you feel more connected to yourself, you make better choices for you and your community.” — Terry McBride, Founder

If you’re ready to build your own community, we’d love to hear from you.

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