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YYOGA at Home

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✔ 2000+ yoga and mindful movement classes available on-demand
✔ Suitable for all levels
✔ 5 – 90 min options
✔ Cancel anytime, zero commitment required

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The Weekly Practice

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✔ Class options include express (15 – 30 min) + full length (45 – 75 min)
✔ New release schedule shown below
✔ Designed for home practice; includes visual demonstration

New Classes Every Friday

We’ve gone back to the format of releasing new classes on Friday’s (as opposed to throughout the week) so you have access to everything new before you head into your weekend.

Our new release goal is 3 classes / week ranging from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, filming as much new content as is possible with our team and teachers schedules in mind. This approach allows us to keep fresh content coming but the subscription price point as accessible as possible.

With 2,000+ classes in the library now, there are plenty of on-demand options with your fave teachers, even if they haven’t been able to film with us recently!

Looking for a live feed class?

As another virtual option, Live Studio Feeds are available as part of your studio membership.

As this is a separate virtual offering, Live Studio Feeds are not included in YYOGA at Home subscription. Additionally, this is a virtual feed of a live, in-person class so lighting, audio, and teacher demonstration will vary.

✔  Use your studio membership, class pack or drop in
✔  Booking window closes 30 min prior to the start of class
✔  Classes are 60 min or 75 min
✔  Streamed through Zoom
✔  No replays / recordings sent
✔  Link is sent approx. 1 hour prior to class


What's New This Week + What's Coming

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