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Rebecca Lee Henderson

Training Certifications
YYOGA Yin / YYoga 200HR / YYoga YHot

Rebecca took her first yoga class in Australia in 2001. In that class she discovered a sense of calm and balance in her body she had never experienced before. From there, began a lifelong journey into the practice of yoga that would help her connect with her own innate internal strength, peace and wisdom. 

Coming from a background in competitive figure skating, Rebecca was first inspired by the practice for its all encompassing nature - it challenged her physically, pointing out areas where she was strong but also indicating areas of weakness and imbalance. Over time, she discovered newfound strength and balance in her body. Old injuries started to heal, and particularly, she found support for her ongoing scoliosis. 

As Rebecca moved into a career of professional acting in film and television, her yoga practice became even more foundational. The process of linking breath with movement and the meditation skills she learned helped her become more calm, present and deeply connected while working in the high pressure environment of a film set. 

Rebecca completed all her foundational training - 200hr YTT, YHot YTT, Yin YTT - with YYOGA, her home for yoga over the past decade. She loves teaching and bringing this practice to people from all walks of life for its potential to truly transform lives.

What should students expect from your class? A dynamic and challenging class for all levels, with a focus on alignment, empowerment and the practical everyday application of yogic philosophy. Through the breath and asana, students learn to connect more deeply with their innate internal strength, peace and wisdom of body and mind. 

Training Certifications: YYOGA Yin / YYoga 200HR / YYoga YHot