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Marcus Tong

Training Certifications
200HR / Hot / 200HR E-RYT

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Marcus’ yoga journey began in 2007 when he stepped into his first hot yoga class. Out of pure curiosity he wondered into the hot room and onto his mat, and ever since then he never looked back. He was hooked after his first class and only a year into his practice he went on to complete a nine week intensive hot yoga training and graduated in the Fall of 2008. As Marcus’ passion continued to grow he decided to leave his job in the health care industry to pursue his yoga journey full-time. Expanding into other lineages, Marcus completed his 200-hour teacher training program from Yyoga in 2015. He strongly believes continued education is vital for a teacher’s growth and he is often seen attending workshops and intensives on a regular basis. Marcus teaches full-time based out of Vancouver but has also taken his teachings abroad. Teaching in Asia in 2015/2016, he brought his wealth of knowledge over to the east where he taught public, private, and corporate yoga classes. Marcus truly believes that yoga is a gateway for personal growth, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. This practice can make your body strong and limber, but it can also help to develop greater self-awareness, mental clarity, and inner strength. Marcus’ classes provides a safe platform where students can dive a little deeper into their own self-journey and personal development. 

What can students expect from your class? A safe and welcoming space to explore a mixture of playfulness and self-transformation. Expect to sweat, to be challenged, and to have fun!

Training Certifications: 200HR / Hot / 200HR E-RYT