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Annabel Kershaw

Training Certifications
200HR / Restorative / Yin / Group Fitness

What can students expect from your class? Accessibility no matter where you are in your Yoga journey.  Humour for sure.  I believe that there is a Yoga for everyone and often, more than one Yoga for everyone.  I'm not a pretzel person.  I'm not a gymnast or acrobat or dancer, so I know that any body can do this and love it.  I look at where I've come from and believe that if I can do this practice, then anyone can do this practice and find deep fulfilment in achieving something new and special with each class.  I love the sound of the breath - the sigh of peace at the end of the class - a different sound then the one at the start of the class.  The "ahhhh" factor.  The yumminess that keeps you coming back for more.

Training Certifications: 200HR / Restorative / Yin / Group Fitness