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Nina Konjini

Training Certifications
500 Hour / Yin

Yoga found Nina nine years ago amidst heartache and tumultuous times. Through her grief, through her addictions, through all the confusion, the pain, the highs, the lows and all the in-betweens, her mat witnessed all her conflicting states, and it is where she was able to truly find herself. 

Her practice allows her to turn inward, to be a witness. She now sees the resistance as an invitation to lean into the discomforts and to surrender. On her mat, she found freedom and it is where peace finds her, over and over again. In her practice, she learned to show up, no matter what. 

Nina's intention is to offer Yoga to every body, to create a deep sense community, and to hold space for healing through connection.

What should student's expect from your class? Join her for a deep and grounding practice, one that will leave you feeling lighter, smiling and completely blissed out.

Training Certifications: 500 Hour / Yin