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Briana Smirfitt

Training Certifications
YYoga 200HR / Yin YYoga / YYoga YHot

Briana first came to yoga as a way to be active during study breaks in university. Slowly, it evolved into more than a distraction from studying—it became self-care. Ever since, she has been utilizing her degree in Psychology to enhance her understanding of the mind-body connection. She eventually noticed a shift in her own practice, from using yoga as a workout to turning inward and creating time for herself. This has deepened her appreciation for her personal practice and desire to share this form of self-care with others.

In 2017, she completed her 200 hour yoga training; she has been eager to expand her teaching styles and knowledge ever since! When not in studio, Briana enjoys hiking, nature walks, reading, and cuddling with her pup.

What should students expect from your class? An emphasis on connecting to their body and having a safe space to focus on their breath.

Training Certifications: YYoga 200HR / Yin YYoga / YYoga YHot