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Sarah Fuson

Training Certifications
200 Hour Yoga / YYoga YHot

As a native British Columbian, Sarah’s roots are grounded in the rolling hills of the Okanagan Valley. Innately raised with a passion for fitness and health, Sarah began her true journey towards complete body wellness at the age of sixteen. Channeling a fulfillment of her desire to nurture others, Sarah began teaching freestyle dance, as a way to connect creativity with the fluidity of the body. Having been through a series of personal obstacles, teaching was an outlet; a way to share the pursuit of inner harmony and outer strength with others. 

Along Sarah’s travels to different corners of the world, she gained a deeper respect for the practice of yoga. Through the teachings of Don and Amba Stapleton, at the Nosara Yoga Institute, Sarah studied the fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Yoga as a way to move and channel excess energy back into the earth. In search of deeper understanding of the mechanics of the physical body, Sarah discovered acclaimed YogaWorks instructor Gerhard Gessner. With his guidance, Sarah adopted yoga as an everyday lifestyle approach towards the pathway to longevity. 

Applying each element of experience, Sarah strives to share her knowledge of this ancient practice to intermix fitness and movement and make her classes accessible to everyone. Sarah’s outgoing and authentic teaching style motivates each one of her students to unearth their fullest potential while also discovering self-assurance.

What can students expect from your class? An authentic experience that's both challenging and fun, yet precise and dynamic. 

Training Certifications: 200 Hour Yoga / YYoga YHot