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A special class is a themed yoga or fitness class offering an elevated experience. The experiential element varies depending on the teacher.

Please note that special classes can only be booked 6 days prior to event. 


The Body Unraveled - Integral Dynamic Movement
November 23, 4:00pm | Yaletown | Tim Cyr
This class focuses on the benefits of dynamic function and intelligence of your body's fascial web and connective tissues from utilizing "right movement" in the body. The Integral Dynamic Movement – Tensegrity (tension with integrity) practice is a series of movements integrating your mind and body to help rediscover physical and energetic balance, promoting healing and vitality. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this special class includes a lecture, demonstrations and the use wooden blocks, dowels, blankets and massage balls throughout. 

Saturday Night Special
November 23, 6:30pm | Highgate | Matt Fernandez & Erica Thomas
Flow class with live music and hands on assists. This unique class will awaken your body and mind. Matt will guide you through a deep flow style practice while Erica offers hands on assists. Live meditation music and an extended sound bath Savasana will take your practice to the next level. Join them for an experience that will touch all senses.

Flow with Props!
November 24, 2:00pm | Queen Street West | Tyler Jackson
A class guaranteed to take your Flow practice to the next level. Tyler will guide you through creative Flows all while moving from one pose to the next, with the added bonus of having your props flow with you! Your practice will be heightened and you may even build up a bit of a sweat.

Move & Restore
November 24, 9:30am | Harbourfront | Christine Noonan
Start your Sunday with Christine and a magical 75 min Move & Restore class. Moving from a Hatha practice, complete with hands on assists, to a luxurious restorative practice. End your experience with a beautiful guided meditation before you settle into a blissful savasana.

Candlelit YHot 
November 26, 10:00am | Kitsilano | Marcus Tong
A sequence of slow, held postures practiced in a hot room (40 degrees) with an emphasis on alignment. Takes place in dim candlelit environment for ultimate relaxation.


Inner Fire Light - Hands on Yin 
December 21, 5:00pm | Yaletown | Sandra Stephanson & 
Stephanie Trembath
Immerse yourself in a sense of deep letting go with long held yin yoga postures and the added warmth and reassurance of hands-on relaxation and healing with assists by Sandra and Stephanie. Float into an open natural awareness and restorative space of your stillness and emerge refreshed and clear.