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A special class is a themed yoga or fitness class offering an elevated experience. The experiential element varies depending on the teacher.

Please note that special classes can only be booked 6 days prior to event. 


Live Music: YHot & the Niyamas with live music
September 14, 9:00am | Richmond Olympic Oval | Juan Villegas
Join Juan Villegas in this special YHot themed class with exploration of the Niyamas. Explore building the heat, focusing on the philosophy behind Tapas or 'discipline’, Svadhyaya 'self-study' and Ishvara 'surrender'. Soothing sounds by SOLA music. 

30 Day Challenge Halfway Home Hatha
September 15, 1:30pm | Northshore Elements | Alana Taylor
Focus on reconnecting to your intention and strengthening your commitment with energy, grace and compassion.  Breath work, visualization and live music will have you feeling renewed, relaxed and ready to continue your journey.

30 Day Challenge Midway Motivation YFit
September 17, 6:00pm | South Granville | Hana Weinwurm
Need some motivation to show up for class in your 30 Day Challenge? Whether you are halfway to 15 or halfway to 30 classes, recommit to your challenge with a YFit class lead by Hana focusing on bringing more motivation into your challenge!

Candlelit Yin with Singing Bowl Meditation
September 17, 7:15pm | NeoWhistler | Laurisa Ledger
Dive deep in a candlelit Yin practice moving through long slow holds exploring the corresponding chakras that relate to each posture, as we invite softness, flexibility and restoration into our bodies and minds. We will round out the physical practice with a lying down meditation to the soothing sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls.

30 Day Challenge Halfway Check-in: Power
September 17, 7:15pm | Queen Street West | Michael DeCorte
You are halfway through your challenge, what better way to celebrate than with Michael Decorte, the master of arm balances! Michael will guide you through an energizing Power class that will get your feet off the ground. You will leave feeling strong, energized and maybe a little sweaty!

Afternoon Restorative
September 20, 1:15pm | Richmond Olympic Oval | Mark Atherton
Join Mark Atherton for this special additional class! Relax into seated and reclining postures with the support of props in this gentle practice. This 90 minute class will work to calm your nervous system, support your body as it stretches and provide space for you to relax.

Aromatherapy YHot
September 27, 5:45pm | Queen Street West | Lara Farcasan
Join us for an extended, Hatha inspired YHot sequence that will allow you to slowly move through variations of the classic sequence with the added soothing experience of aromatherapy. Room is heated at 40 degrees. Not recommended for pregnant women, or those with sensitivities to scents.

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Rest & Restore Hatha Raja
September 28, 1:30pm | Northshore Elements | Aaliya Noorani
Join Aaliya for a relaxing and restorative special class to celebrate the end of the 30 Day Challenge. This practice will incorporate mantra, breathwork, meditation and restorative postures.   

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Power
September 29, 9:30am | Northshore Elements | Deb Purcell
Celebrate the end of the 30 Day Challenge with a special power class. With funky and fun music and hands on assists. It's the perfect way to wrap up 30 days of yoga and most importantly, to celebrate YOU.

The Body Unravelled
September 29, 1:30pm | Highgate | Tim Cyr
We will be looking at, and feeling, the dynamic function and intelligence that your body's fascial web and connective tissues benefit from "right movement". The Integral Dynamic Movement – Tensegrity (tension with integrity) practice is a series of body movements that integrate your mind and body, helping you rediscover physical – energetic balance and promote better health, healing and vitality in your life.  

Move & Restore
September 29, 2:00pm | Downtown Flow | Juan Villegas & Mark Atherton
Come and reward yourself for all of your hard work in the 30 Day Challenge with a delicious 90 minute class. Start off this magical journey with 30 minutes of Gentle Hatha complete with hands on assists followed by a luxurious restorative practice. End your experience with a beautiful guided meditation infused with the angelic voice of Mark Atherton. 

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Yin
September 29, 7:00pm | West Sixth | Andrea Klein
Celebrate your accomplishments from the 30 Day Challenge and wind down with a yin class. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments, learn breath techniques to calm your nervous system and feel grounded and centered. 

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Yoga Nidra
September 30, 8:15am | Kitsilano | Quynh Mi
Need a nap? Wish savasana was the main part of class? Now it can be! After a few minutes of gentle movement to release tension in the body, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation while still remaining fully conscious. 

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Yin & Reiki
September 30, 6:45pm | Harbourfront | Amanda Stokes
Combining reiki, hands on adjustments and long held yin yoga postures, join Amanda for a gentle, calming practice to create optimal conditions for deep relaxation, releasing tension, and physical, energetic or emotional restrictions.

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Power
September 30, 7:00pm | Queen Street West | Phillipe Van de Maele Martin
As the 30-day challenge draws to close at the mid-point of Libra season, this special Power yoga class will be themed around balance, harmony and community. 

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Embrace your inner animal
September 30, 7:00pm | Park Royal | Erin Robinson
Celebrate the success of your 30 Day Challenge by connecting with your “animal self” in this playful style that returns you to the way you were meant to move.

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class
September 30, 7:15pm | NeoWhistler | Julia McCabe

30 Day Challenge Celebration Class: Yin & Yoga Nidra
September 30, 7:45pm | Richmond Olympic Oval | Christa Norgren
Join Christa in this 90 minute class, with yin yoga followed by yoga nidra. After a light yin practice, Christa will guide you through a deep yoga nidra meditation, also know as yogic sleep. 


Saturday Night Special - Mindful Harvest
October 5, 7:00pm | Highgate | Tamara Maxim
Harvest abundance and celebrate what it is that we want to create in our lives. An opportunity to journal and share what it is we have experienced will be provided in this vinyasa based experiential yoga class. 

Animal Flow 
October 23, 6:15pm | Queen Street West | Caileigh Harvey
Animal Flow is a body weight program that’s centered largely around ground-based work & animal style movements, that gives you the opportunity to train your body on different abilities: strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, mobility & coordination.