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1. Mandatory health screening etiquette

Health screening for guests, teachers and team members is required. Only those who meet requirements and follow mandatory safety guidelines are permitted. Check that you meet health screening standards

Please use the Self Assessment before you come to the studio.

If you show any signs of illness while present in the studio (for example, coughing) or you do not follow our safety protocols, we will ask you to leave. 

2. Personal Protective Equipment

We ask that you wear a mask inside the studio, keeping it on until you arrive at your mat where you can remove it for practice then wearing it again as you exit.

Reusable masks will be available for $13.95 + tax and disposable ones for $1.

3. No walk-ins; advanced booking only.

You must pre-register for class online. Bookings open 6 days prior and are first-come, first-served. See booking policy

To accommodate as many guests as possible, we will only allow 1 reservation per guest per day in the studio.

​4. Bring your own mat, towel and water bottle

We are not providing mats or towels, however these can be purchased from our boutique. Our fountains remain closed and we do not sell single use plastic.

NOTE: We won’t be providing props. We welcome you to bring your own or purchase from our boutique.

5. Essentials only. Lockers are closed

Come dressed for class. Bring only what you need and stored in a bag; keep your belongings in it and with you at your mat. Please turn your phone off.

6. Arrive 10 minutes prior

Guests are permitted into the facility no more than 10 minutes before the start of class. Arrive during this window as we have limited space for queuing.

7. ​Health screening

Will take place before you enter the studio.

8. Turn off your phone

Many of our guests enjoy a quiet and meditative atmosphere so please be respectful and turn your phone off.

9. Respect allergies and sensitivities to perfume by going scent-free

Please refrain from using perfume or other strongly scented products before or during your visit. Instead, pack your scent in your bag for a spritz once you have left our studio.

10. Remove your shoes

Remove your shoes when you enter the studio and use provided hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the studio.

11. Touchless self sign in

Sign in at the front desk by scanning your own barcode. We have discontinued the use of tokens.

Throughout the Studio

  1. Sanitize your hands.
  2. Physical distancing - Maintain 6 feet or more between yourself and others at all times.
  3. Follow & respect our one directional flow - Stay to the far right and walk single file. Follow markers on the floor.
  4. Limited use of washrooms - Change rooms and showers are closed. A few spaced toilets and sinks remain open but should only be used if necessary. Please change at home.
  5. Closed common areas - Saunas, patios and lounges remain closed.   

During Class

  1. Guided entrance -  You’ll be instructed to file into the room in an orderly fashion. The first into the room will take the space farthest from the door, and so on.

  2. Spots are pre-mapped - Look for the markers on the floor. Place your mat so the marker is centered with the top of your mat.

  3. Stay in the room, keep your space - It is only possible to maintain physical distancing standards when all guests stay on their mats. If you are dealing with an emergency, let us know.

  4. Support our teachers - Do not enter the teaching zones. We are not offering hands-on assists, breathing techniques or supplying props.

After Class

  1. Guided exit - Guests closest to the door will exit first while those farthest from the door will exit last.

  2. Exit the studio promptly - In order to facilitate thorough cleaning, we require guests to leave within 5 minutes of their class ending.

  3. Need help? - Please contact us by phone or via our contact us form

Check out our FAQ page for more information!