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A special class is a themed yoga or fitness class offering an elevated experience. The experiential element varies depending on the teacher.

Please note that special classes can only be booked 6 days prior to event. 


Animal Flow 
October 23, 6:15pm | Queen Street West | Caileigh Harvey
Animal Flow is a body weight program that’s centered largely around ground-based work & animal style movements, that gives you the opportunity to train your body on different abilities: strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, mobility & coordination.

Indie Power
October 27, 2:30pm | Kitsilano | Kirsten Wicklund
This class offers deep posture refinements, unique sequencing, imagery and subtle body work incorporated into a challenging flow. You will feel stabilized, connected to sensation, and grooving to the sounds of Bon Iver, HAIM, Rhye & more.

Yin & Yang
October 29, 6:45pm | Harbourfront | Michael Eisner
In this 90 minute practice, students will begin in Yin poses, stimulating energetic meridian pathways while enhancing the natural range of motion in the joints. This will be followed by Yang Hatha poses that will strengthen and encourage the flow of circulation throughout the body.


Candlelit YHot 
Novemberber 26, 10:00am | Kitsilano | Marcus Tong
A sequence of slow, held postures practiced in a hot room (40 degrees) with an emphasis on alignment. Takes place in dim candlelit environment for ultimate relaxation.