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A special class is a themed yoga or fitness class offering an elevated experience. The experiential element varies depending on the teacher.

Please note that special classes can only be booked 6 days prior to event. 


The Body Unraveled - Integral Dynamic Movement
March 2, 1:30pm | Yaletown | Tim Cyr
Discover the benefits of the dynamic function and intelligence of your body's fascial web and connective tissues utilizing 'right movement' in your body. The Integral Dynamic Movement – Tensegrity (tension with integrity) practice is a series of movements integrating your mind and body to help rediscover physical and energetic balance, promoting healing and vitality. Use of blocks, dowels, blankets and massage balls including some lecture and demonstrations along with movement practice. Suitable and encouraged for all ages and abilities.

Hip Hop YHot 
March 13, 6:30pm | Kitsilano | Briana Smirfitt
A traditional YHot class with non-traditional Hip Hop music! Groove in your practice and get sweaty with today's popular hip hop artists.

Hot Pilates Burn
March 20, 12:00pm | Queen Street West | Amanda Sheather
Join Amanda as she guides you through controlled movements in a challenging, full body, low impact class using Pilates principles to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance. Emphasis on alignment, breathing and developing core awareness. This is a heated class where you will feel the burn.