World Mental Health Awareness Day

Mindful Moments for You

Mental Health issues affect 1 in 5 Canadians each year, a statistic that doesn’t include those among us who are undiagnosed. Throughout the month of October, we want to do our part to support our community by providing resources, spreading awareness, and having open Mindful Conversations to help reduce the stigma of mental illnesses.

World Mental Health Day By Donation Class

Hillary Keegan used her crystal sound bowls in this candle-lit donation class.  Guests were lead through a feel-good flow, poetry, affirmations, and a full sound bath – all for a great cause! 

100% of the money raised was donated to The Bloom Group. This organization responds to the most urgent needs of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. They have a number of incredible support services for the community in need including women & children’s support, mental health housing, supportive + affordable housing, hospice, and adult guardianship.

Virtual Mindful Conversation in partnership with TELUS Health MyCare

Watch the replay on @yyoga here!

This virtual Mindful Conversation was in support of Mental Health Awareness. Hosted by best selling author, motivational speaker, & meditation teacher, Farzana Jaffer Jeraj, with guest Lindsay Killam, Lead Clinical Counselor for @telushealth MyCare™. This conversation dives into some of the mental health issues people experience, including anxiety and depression, and discuss tools and strategies one can use to help cope through a difficult time.

Mindful Moments on YYOGA at Home

Check out these new releases dedicated to supporting your mental wellbeing.

FREE Mindful Flow with Alia Mai

  • Available October 10th
  • This FREE 40-minute class is for everyone (no subscription required!) in honour of Mental Health Day.

Relax and Restore: Mindfulness Collection

Click here for a very thoughtful collection of classes curated for World Mental Health Day. In this collection, you will find themes of calming the mind and body, tuning in, letting go, acceptance, and release. 

Classes in this collection include;

Flow for Acceptance & Commitment with Lisa Sanson

  • 40 minutes

Hip Opening Yoga for Emotional Release with Kyra Morrison

  • 20 minutes

Relax & Restore with Alia Mai

  • 20 minutes

Mindful Moments

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