India Aid

Yoga has not only changed our lives but the lives of so many others. Our hearts break as we watch the COVID crisis continue to impact India and it’s people.

To offer our love and support for the birthplace of the practice we love so much we organized a by-donation class with 100% of the proceeds going to Give India.

Support for India By-Donation Virtual Flow Class

  • On Wednesday, May 19th, this powerful donation class in support of Give India, raised raised $530, all of which went directly to the Fundraiser to help provide medical care to critical COVID patients.


We’ve also compiled a list of resources and other places you can donate if you’re unable to attend our donation class. This is a living list that will continue to be updated, please send us any resources or causes that you feel are relevant to this list.

Daily Hive

Here is a breakdown of what’s happening and how you can help.

Partham USA

Pratham USA has established the Pratham Covid Relief Fund to support immediate and long-term recovery efforts.


Goonj aims to build an equitable relationship of strength, sustenance and dignity between the cities and villages using the under-utilized urban material as a tool to trigger development with dignity, across the country.

Give India

Give India has launched a mission to support the country’s overwhelmed health infrastructure in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are helping to quickly put up Covid care centres, help supply oxygen in hospitals, as well as PPE kits for healthcare workers. In addition they’re prov iding means and ration kits to communities who are struggling to make ends meet.


Ketto is working to make sure the country’s poorest communities have access to food and groceries during these unprecedented times.

Indian Red Cross