5 Groovy Ways to Feel Love Every Day

Groovy, a word that echoes its sentiment, cool, calm and content, like a seated sway, a few shoulder rolls, that beat after a backbend. It flows confidently, trusting in the belief that everything works out eventually.

Popularized in a decade of radical change, we’ve continued to evolve since then, yet the rally to love remains.

Love is kaleidoscopic, manifesting in many forms: self-love, love for others, love for the planet. Thoughts. Words. Actions.

So why 5 groovy ways to feel love every day? Because love ain’t always easy, but here are 5 ways it can be. The catch? It’s up to you to get into the groove.


Mindfulness develops reverence, a profound respect for the present. Whether you’re running errands or resting in Savasana, being mindful honours your experiences with the undivided attention they deserve. When we live intently, we’re aware of where the time goes and every action and interaction becomes even more purposeful. Attention is our greatest asset, especially in our stimulated, go-go-go world. We have the power to choose what we give our attention, our time and energy, to. Through mindfulness, wasting time can turn into quality time. Try doing one thing, just one, from start to finish to feel love’s tender care and commitment.


Gratitude is as accessible as it is valuable. If you’re reading this, you have something to be thankful for. More than just a thank-you, when we feel grateful, we focus our attention on what’s good. Over time, this sustained recognition shifts lower emotions to an abundant point-of-view. By noting significant and small moments that bring us joy and fulfillment, emotions like envy and resentment soften into having enough. When life is good, maintaining a gratitude practice ensures we don’t take our gifts for granted and deepens our attentiveness so when life is nowhere near ideal, we still gravitate to that silver lining glow. Through gratitude, we feel love’s expansive nature to give and receive, it’s resilience and hope.


A neighborhood stroll, traveling overseas, yoga, burpees. Movement in any sense, a spin class, a change of scenery, highlights the intricacies, intelligence, and interconnectedness of our physical nature. Sometimes it takes moving away or returning from a getaway, to fall back in love with the environment we call home. We feel love’s awe and appreciation when we dance, gaze at the waves, forest bathe. In movement, we can also experience love’s acceptance, accepting you can’t rush recovery and that elsewhere, life is lived differently. By accepting and appreciating where we’re at this moment, in our bodies and our natural surroundings, we can lovingly move forward.

5 groovy ways


All love, even self-love, depends on open communication and companionship. There’s a reason why we’re happier when we talk to ourselves like a friend would. When we connect with others, we feel love’s trust, vulnerability, and outpour of support. Whether we seek advice, an active listener, or a laugh, by sharing our experiences we gain alternative perspectives, collective wisdom, and a sense of belonging. We relate and grow through courageous conversations, new relationships, and inspiring and inclusive communities. The next time someone pops up in your thoughts, send them a quick “thinking of you” text or take a social media break to make small talk. To understand another and to be understood, human connection does a world of good.


Directed towards others or self-care, being kind is so uplifting that even observing an act of kindness is known to boost our moods. There’s a simple sweetness in offering to take a photo for someone, smiling at a passerby, smiling to yourself. Love and kindness go hand and hand, experiencing selflessness, compassion, empathy, and encouragement. Unexpected acts of kindness are exhilarating and the opportunities to be a positive agent of change are endless. By supporting brands and causes that align with our values, like mental wellness and environmentalism, not-so-random acts of kindness are just as plentiful and powerful.Yes, there are times when being kind may feel like hard work and love may seem unattainable. In those moments it’s essential for us to take accountability and create the love we need. Here, we’re given the chance to love through practicing patience and forgiveness.

It can be daunting to change the whole world. A change in attitude may feel equally overwhelming, but when it comes to perspective, we’re in control. 

So put on those rose-coloured glasses and get grooving. Practice mindfulness or move, whichever you choose, tune in to how you feel before, throughout, and after the experience. Feeling just a little more love every day will improve your worldview, changing the world around you.

Love is all around. 

Feel the love and pass it on.