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Top Ten Things Harder Than Taking The 31 Day Challenge

April 11th, 2018

You’ve seen the posters in the studios. You’ve heard your friends talking about it...

But are you really ready for the Workout To Conquer Cancer? It’s that time of year again, where we challenge ourselves to a month of yoga and fitness and reap the rewards of 31 days of consistent practice. A month can seem like a mountain to climb, but is it really that difficult? We asked members of our community who’ve completed past challenges, “What’s more difficult than a 31 day challenge at YYOGA?”

Here are their top 10 answers!

10. Keeping your mat towel on your mat. 

9. Remembering to bring a hair tie to class. 

8. Staying awake while in Savasana. 

7. Finding an empty locker at YYOGA Downtown Flow. 

6. Staying firmly planted in Warrior 3. 

5. Finding a YRide Teacher that isn’t energetic. 

4. Resisting a ‘Five Guys Burger’ after class at YYOGA Park Royal. 

3. Not sweating in a YHot class. 

2. Getting to YYOGA Queen Street West in a T.O. snow storm.  

1. Finding yoga on the schedule at YYOGA South Granville. 

Challenge Starts May 1st! This year's twist includes a chance to raise money for cancer research and win amazing prizes! Find out how below! 

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