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Tim Cyr

Training Certifications
500HR E-RYT / Restorative / Yin / Prenatal

What can your students expect to get out of your class? REST - Reduced-External-Stimuli-Time, a method and a mantra of mine when it comes to restoring the physical, emotional, mental and energetic fields that make up these beautiful machines we call bodies. Right movements and motions combined with right pause and support can be the difference between compounding stress in the body or releasing it.

I believe that through right balance and connection with our bodies we are able to notice the deeper, more subtle layers that aid in the healing of our life experiences. As we enter this awareness by connection through movement practices (asana) and through stillness practices (meditative and pranayama), WE begin to play the lead role in creating space of healing (de-stressing) for our own lives.

"When mind and body become spacious, the heart softens to the edges of the world beyond… healing begins individually and collectively."

Training Certifications: 500HR E-RYT / Restorative / Yin / Prenatal