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Stephanie McAlister

Training Certifications
200 Hour Yoga / 200HR RYT / 500HR / 500HR RYT

Stephanie’s classes are taught from the humbleness of an open heart, and the invitation to journey with the breath through the ecology of the body into dimensions within. Researching through layers and to uncover the potential spaces of freedom. Through dynamic class patterns/sequences space is created to meet and push through blockages, converse with tensions and patterning within, in order to strengthen the both body, and the will of the self. With the practice of attentive exertion, a shift is created from using to deliberately inhabiting the physical, dwelling awake within it. The act of witnessing the self on the mat, time and time again is meeting the inner experience of life, giving form to what is formless, to unravel what is bound up within and uncover the bigger contextual meaning, a dedication to the whole.

What should students expect from your class? A dynamic journey through the breath into the body and beyond.

Training Certifications: 200 Hour Yoga / 200HR RYT / 500HR / 500HR RYT