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Rebecca Falkner

Training Certifications
YYoga YHot / YYoga 200HR

Rebecca has spent many years working in the hypermoblile aviation industry and Yoga has been her template to living a balanced, connected, meaningful life. The practice has offered Rebecca a way to stay connected and find home wherever she is. 

Rebecca dove deeper into her practice two years ago when she began attending classes at Harbourfont YYoga and followed her journey through the YYoga 200-hour training, YYoga Mentorship Program and YHot Training. While Rebecca enjoys travel and exploring new places in the world her richest moments come from teaching yoga and encouraging the union of mind, body and soul through asana and meditation. 

What should students expect from your class? I encourage students to be in their bodies in an authentic way every time they come to their mat. Focusing on foundation and alignment can activate a pose, that you may be very familiar with, in a new way. Holding space for my students, encouraging letting go of expectation in favor of what it is, is the essence of my teaching. My goal is that the physical and spiritual work you do on your mat will trickle into your everyday life. 

Training Certifications: YYoga YHot / YYoga 200HR