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Philippe Van de Maele Martin

Training Certifications
200HR / Restorative

Before finding yoga, Philippe's favourite way to move and keep fit was video games. Sitting. Hunching. When first introduced to yoga at theatre school in 2007, the only thing he could think was: “this is impossible. I will never be able to do that”. Now, after almost a decade of practice, lessons from this story are at the core of his approach. His dream is for his contribution of yoga to offer others what yoga has offered him. He values creativity, vigour and laughter. Above all, he wants students to feel empowered and good in their bodies. Philippe is also an actor, a food & wine enthusiast and a chameleon.

What should students expect from your class? Move and feel your way through a fierce and invigorating yoga sequence built from the ground up. Find your balance of vigour and stillness, of masculine and feminine, of fire and water.

Training Certifications: 200HR / Restorative