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Mikaela Millington

Training Certifications

Mikaela has always been inspired by and drawn to mindful movement. Gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading were a big part of her life growing up. 

"There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than playing some good music, nice and loud, and allowing my body to move in a way that feels good. No judgment. No expectation. Just flow." Mikaela started practicing yoga in university and very quickly became captivated by all of the layers of this practice: breath, stillness, movement, expression, connection and community. 

"Practicing became a beautiful self love ritual for me, and a daily opportunity to expand and evolve both on and off the mat."

What should students expect from your class? Whether its power, flow, yin & myofascial release, restorative or meditation, Mikaela offers a creative, passionate, and supportive style of teaching. Students can expect a class that both challenges and nourishes the body and mind … while having a blast. Keeping things light and playful is most definitely a part of the mix. “My intention is: to hold a safe space where students can explore what it means to be vulnerable and real with themselves, where they feel inspired to live a life they love, and where they can discover a deeper connection through breath, movement and presence.

Training Certifications: 200HR RYT