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Mikaela Millington

Training Certifications

Mikaela has always been inspired by and drawn to mindful movement. Gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading were a big part of her life growing up, and her love for Yoga started during her university years. Mikaela quickly became captivated by all of the layers of this practice: breath, stillness, movement, expression, connection and community. Practicing became a beautiful self love ritual, and a daily opportunity to expand and evolve.

Mikaela completed her training in Costa Rica, and went back a year later as a teaching assistant for the next round of training. Mikaela offers a creative, passionate, and supportive style of teaching. She has taught workshops in Canada as well as the United States, runs an annual yoga retreat in Costa Rica, and continues to inspire others both on and off the mat via her Instagram account and website!

What should students expect from your class? Students can expect a class that both challenges and nourishes the body and mind. Mikaela’s intention is to hold a safe space, where students can drop all expectation at the door and come to their mat just as they are. Mik invites her students to tap into a flow that is creative, curious, authentic, and strong. It’s paired with mindful breath, motivating insight, traditional teachings and inspiring music. Students discover a deeper level of awareness, and through that connect with their highest self. Their best self. Who they truly are. What a blessing. 

Training Certifications: 200HR RYT