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Kimberly Wiebe

Training Certifications
200HR RYT / 500 Hour RYT / Yin / Restorative

As a young adult woman Kimberly had several varied and successful careers and desires. At times she felt confused and overwhelmed about what her passion was and what she wanted to be when she grew up. Thankfully, Kimberly discovered journaling. Through writing she learned to take time to be grateful and to ask, “What do I want?” These started a foundation of awareness of her heart and souls desire and intuition. At the same time Kimberly discovered the grounding practice of yoga. "The body is truly the vehicle to the awareness of our mind and our emotions. I believe the yoga mat is the training ground for our lives." These practices guided Kimberly to create a life that she loves, both personally and professionally. It has been far from easy or perfect, but Kimberly remained grounded by choosing to stay committed to these practices; "they became like light switches in very dark moments." We have the ability to create lives we love every single day through our actions and choices; the only requirement is choosing to get to know ourselves – to become the expert of our bodies, minds and emotions more than anyone else. The relationship we have with ourselves is the only one we will have from our first breathe to our last; we know ourselves better than anyone else ever could.

Kimberly offers frequent reminders that yoga is meant to link the mind, body, and soul together, not merely to be a good workout. During each pose, Kimberly's words of encouragement, options, and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions never distract from the moment. Kimberly's goal as a teacher is to challenge you to let go of using your external strength and instead focus on breathing and the flow of movement to find your true power, which is in your spirit. For Kimberly, yoga has become more than just the physical poses. "It is about the awareness it brings - it is the training ground for how we live our lives. It's like turning the light on in a dark room. We become aware of how we react to physical and emotional challenges on our mat and it is often the same way we react off our mat. Yoga is not about becoming flexible or twisting your body in contorting ways. Yoga means to unite the body and mind, the breathe and the body are the vehicle in. To me yoga is not so much about WHAT you do but HOW you are do it."

What can students expect from your class?

Kimberly's classes are everyone's top choice for a full-body workout that challenges your core strength, and stamina and increases your flexibility mentally and physically. This class will relieve stress, dramatically elevate self-esteem, and transform your life and body. The superb selection of postures are designed for the confident beginner to the advanced practitioner, including all body types – flexibility not required. Kimberly inspires you to be strong mentally and physically.

Training Certifications: 200HR RYT / 500 Hour RYT / Yin / Restorative