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Katie Couture

Training Certifications
Personal Training / Indoor Cycling

After many years of participating in Indoor Cycling classes to train for triathlon during the cold winters in Alberta, Katie realized she belonged at the front of the class. She completed her Indoor Cycling and Personal Training certification while completing a BSc. in Kinesiology, and is passionate about challenging and encouraging her participants on the bike. If you become a familiar face in her class, you can expect her to try to convince you to take the fitness you have gained indoors, outdoors, onto the road (or trails) on two wheels.

Katie is a runner and triathlete, having completed races ranging from 5km road races and sprint triathlons, to 50km trail ultra-marathons and Ironman. As a former competitive alpine ski racer, she has identified as an athlete her whole life, and trains largely for performance. She is also a strong proponent of physical activity for general health and wellness, and genuinely believes there is a type of physical activity out there for everyone.
Her favourite thing to do that does not involve cycling (indoor or outdoor), is running in the trails of the North Shore and Pacific Spirit Park. You’ll know it when you see her out there, as she always has her two rescue dogs, Queso & Cora, hot on her tail.

What should students expect from your class? An energetic, fun, yet challenging class, that will leave your heart racing and a smile on your face.

Training Certifications: Personal Training / Indoor Cycling