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Jaclyn Nishi

Training Certifications
Indoor Cycling

As soon as she took her first spin class Jaclyn was hooked! The music and riding to the rhythm took her right back to her dancing days and her love of music. She loves being able to push her fitness limits to the max in class, while listening to awesome music!

Jaclyn grew up in BC and loves her life on the North Shore. When she's not spinning you can find her walking the North Vancouver trails with her husband and dog! She also has a great love of food! Not only eating it but making it! Jaclyn loves cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen, she even lived in London, England for a time to attend The Peggy Porschen Academy to learn to decorate fancy cakes and cookies! 

Finding balance in life is an ongoing pursuit and she loves to help others along their path as well. Whether it's sharing a delicious meal with friends or family or sweating it out on the bike.

What should students expect from your class? A good balance of climbing and intervals, but overall a fun and beat driven ride!

Training Certifications: Indoor Cycling