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Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince

Training Certifications
500HR E-RYT / Restorative / Yin / Indoor Cycling / Pilates

What can students expect out of your class? 

Yoga | Authentic. Unconventional. Individual- You can expect that each class will always offer a different, genuine and intuitive experience whether it’s the theming, playlist or sequencing. The one thing that will consistently remain the same will be his sincere support, unwavering dedication, and his focus on you and your bright light. Hiiro Prince puts an emphasis on an unconventional, nurturing, healing, honest, liberating, laughter-filled, down to Earth practice. His unique fusion of therapeutic restorative and yin:yang incorporates a gentle, dynamic, intuitive, hands-on approach. He always sees the yoga mat as raw blank canvas, a creative playground like an open artist studio – except it’s a yoga studio!

YRide/Spin | Regardless of your fitness level- all bodies, levels and injuries are welcome and will be ensured to feel empowered to establish their own discipline on the bike! Every single time will be different whether it's the drills, play list or theme of the ride. Playlists range from high intensity bass bumping music combined with an eclectic mix of deep house, EDM, 90s, anthems, retro and even a touch of electro-swing, motown and J+K POP! Imagine a soulful inspired atmosphere/vibe while upholding authentic and traditional road cycling principals (NO upper body/tap back/hovering etc.) You'll definitely be a fierce, fabulous, liberated hot-mess guaranteed, get ready to ride with PRIDE!

I equate Yoga/Well-Being/Lifestyle to many descriptions... one being that it is purely a simple continuous point of focus without distraction absolutely anything aside that one point.  Your physical body is a vehicle for the spirit, heart and mind to channel through.  Your body is a gas tank and your breath is the gas that fuels the engine.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

Training Certifications: 500HR E-RYT / Restorative / Yin / Indoor Cycling / Pilates