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Heather Gardner

Training Certifications
200HR / Indoor Cycling

What can students expect out of your class? An athlete most of her life, Heather has a passion for expressive and enjoyable movement to promote community and healthy, active living. With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry Heather believes the true benefits of fitness go beyond doing a body good, to the enhanced state of mind which allows us to stop and give thanks, open our hearts, and find the beauty in the everyday. Heather is a marathon runner, indoor cycling coach, and yoga teacher who utilizes deliberate movement with music to help motivate her students, and find the fun in fitness. Heather is a published author who has spent the last 10 years teaching and consulting in public education. Heather’s classes will give you the opportunity to find your challenge and stretch the boundaries of what you thought possible.

Training Certifications: 200HR / Indoor Cycling