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Felicia Miedema

Training Certifications

After years of studying Latin, ballroom and Egyptian dance, Felicia turned first to yoga and then Pilates for fitness classes that would inspire her and would flow like her dance classes. Her move to Pilates was an interest in recovery from injury and preventing common movement class injuries. It was the body toning and body awareness gained through Pilates classes that inspired her to pursue professional Pilates certification, which she completed under the guidance of Keri O’Meara at Muse Movement. Currently, Felicia is again training at Muse Movement for her Pilates Reformer Certification. Her classes aim to build strength and body awareness for students of all levels, with a focus on function and fun.

What should students expect from your class? An invigorating Pilates flow with a balance of good tunes and good movement.

Training Certifications: Pilates