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Elke Schroeder

Training Certifications
200HR / 500HR

As a yogi and a dancer, Elke loves to move and to lead others in how to fully access their bodies and minds through movement. Born in Canada, she is a graduate of the Octopus Garden Teachers Training Program and Mentorship, and the Professional Training Program at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Her diverse movement background includes Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Restorative yoga, contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics and martial arts.

In her yoga classes, Elke leads a practice that is fluid and strong: a challenging Vinyasa-style class infused with creative variations. She encourages a sense of play in the practice and her teachings cultivate a curiosity towards revealing the body’s intrinsic wisdom. Bringing knowledge from her broad dance and movement training, she is interested in fitting the practice to the individual and making the practice accessible to all. 

What should students expect from your class? I like to move, to move people and to get people moving. My classes are body meditation practices that are focused, creative, strong and inspiring.

Training Certifications: 200HR / 500HR