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Chelsea Wissink

Training Certifications

After years exploring fitness through different avenues including team sports, running and traditional gyms, Chelsea discovered Pilates in 2012 and quickly fell in love with the notion that there could be mindfulness behind movement. After each class, she left feeling a deeper connection to her body both mentally and physically and, wanting others to experience this as well, decided to pursue her passions.

In 2014 she completed her Mat Certification at Body Harmonics in Toronto, Ontario and has since gone on to complete additional courses in postural alignment, men’s movement and the Misfit Method.

Chelsea’s classes begin with a focus on the foundation of her movement philosophy - creating energy in the core targeting the whole body in a fluid hour of movement and discovering muscles previously unexplored. Come challenge conventional movement and discover new ways to work your body that will leave you feeling stronger, balanced and aligned.

Structured to be fun and challenging yet approachable for all levels, be prepared to work, sweat and laugh throughout the class while listening to some great tunes

What can students expect from your class? To work, sweat and laugh.

Training Certifications: Pilates