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Bailey Meek

Training Certifications
200HR / YYoga YHot

Bailey found yoga back in 2010 while living in Victoria where she was going to University. Like many, what originally started as an experimental way to improve physical fitness eventually transformed into a lifestyle. The spirituality, stress relief, inner peace, self love and general feeling of well-being are what kept Bailey returning to the mat. 

Eventually, once graduated from University, Bailey decided to explore a new adventure and travelled to Bali, Indonesia, for 6 weeks to complete a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Through the Teacher Training, Bailey gained a new appreciation for the practice and could not wait to get more involved in the yoga community back in Vancouver. 

Bailey has been a part of YYoga since 2011,  and continues to love and adore the practice a little more each time she returns to the mat. She feels that there is always something to gain from stepping into the practice, and always something new to learn. 

She is an avid hot yogi and can't speak enough about the benefits of this practice not only for her physical health, but her mental, emotional and general well-being.

Visit Bailey in the Cypress room at our Kitsilano studio!

What can students expect from your class? A class that will be challenging, sweaty and satisfying, yet calming, supportive and soft. A welcoming environment where all will be encouraged to explore their intentions, the potential of their own bodies, and find presence within their breath. We will find edges, work hard, build strength and push through obstacles, while working to relieve tension, improve flexibility and find sweetness in each moment. 

Training Certifications: 200HR / YYoga YHot