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Anna Johnston

Training Certifications
200 Hour Yoga / 200HR RYT / YHot / Prenatal

Anna found hot yoga in November 2011. In stepping into the uncomfortable heat (although she loves the heat) she immediately felt she had arrived in exactly the right place at the right time.

She stepped onto her mat. She listened to the cues. She heard her breath. She faced herself in the mirror. She felt the heat. It messed with her life. How could she say no to her other commitments so she could go to yoga? How could she continue to step away, reflect, and step closer to her inner self?

It was not easy, yet it was fulfilling. Every aspect of her life softened into the experience. Every interaction became easier. What was once anxiety provoking, now seemed manageable.

Following the first year of practice in the hot room Anna remembers complimenting a teacher on a cue that allowed Anna to deepen her asana. It was such a shift that Anna felt it necessary to comment. The teacher replied that she used that cue in every class she taught. Anna realized it had taken a year for her to hear a daily cue. She had not been ready to receive the information for an entire year.

How many other things was she not ready to hear?

This is where the journey began. The teacher's words became very important. They stayed with Anna. 

In 2013 Anna had her daughter and although it was one of the most fabulous things that happened to Anna, she did experience postpartum anxiety. But it didn't stop her, instead it guided her towards a new career. Anna went to the Sea to Sky Retreat Centre and completed Yogacara’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training for Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. A few months later Anna completed training for pre & postnatal yoga. Moving to Vancouver in 2015 opened the door to teacher training for Trauma Informed Yoga. Finally, in November 2018, Anna completed YYoga YHot Teacher Training. It took 7 years and a dedicated practice to find her place in the teacher's seat of the hot room.

It is with passion and compassion Anna arrives in the hope of offering beginners and experienced yogis a class that uplifts, opens, connects and allows for transformation.

Training Certifications: 200 Hour Yoga / 200HR RYT / YHot / Prenatal