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Aili Storen

Training Certifications
200 Hour Yoga / Yin

Aili's love of Yoga began whilst living in Australia in 2010. She found a teacher that truly inspired her and finally realized that she was ready to share the teachings that had so deeply healed her own spirit and soul (and continues to do to this day).

Yoga for Aili is about letting go of anything and everything that blocks our inner light from shining brilliantly bright. The Asana can be playful, beautiful, creative, tough, hot, fluid, restful, and dynamic. But in the end the Asana doesn’t really matter, it’s the simple connection with heart and mindfulness that matters and the ability to practice what it means to be present. My classes are about being mindfully playful and challenging yourself to go into the shaky places in order to grow. “If we wait for the world’s permission to shine we will never receive it.” -Marianne Williamson

What should students expect from your class? A powerful playful class that invites you to get present in your body and challenge your mind.

Training Certifications: 200 Hour Yoga / Yin