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Michael DeCorte

Training Certifications
200 Hour Yoga / Group Fitness / Personal Training

Michael began his journey with yoga almost 20 years ago after an earlier battle with addiction and depression. A marathon-runner and bodybuilder at the time, Michael fell in love with more vigorous and demanding classes like Ashtanga and Bikram. After practicing for nearly eight years, Michael was certified in the Ashtanga tradition through Downward Dog in 2008. Michael has gone on to create his own popular athletic style/brand called Jock Yoga, and continues to teach it to this day, along with challenging and playful styles like power vinyasa and flow. Though he might veer occasionally toward running and weightlifting, yoga will always remain a constant for Michael as he swears by its ability to keep his mind calm, his body strong and his demons at bay. 

What should students expect from your class? Challenging, playful and fun!

Training Certifications: 200 Hour Yoga / Group Fitness / Personal Training