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Mark Atherton

Training Certifications

Mark always loved to move his body, he was obsessed with gymnastics as a child and was intrigued by the shapes he was able to find with practice and discipline. As a young adult he continued to explore the capability of his body but his focus moved to music, and he fell in love, this time with opera. He studied singing, obtained a degree in opera performance from The University of British Columbia, and worked diligently toward a career in music. As he moved towards crafting a life as a performer, teaching singing came to him naturally and guiding others to explore their voices became his focus. He felt something missing however, a void that music alone wasn’t filling.

After a little searching he found himself in a yoga class. He couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to reconnect with his body in ways similar as to when he was a child. After a period of developing a consistent practice he knew he wanted to dive in deeper into understanding yoga and embarked upon his first teacher training. It was during this training that he felt a massive shift. Yoga philosophy, Buddhism and the ideas contained within these teachings gave him a whole new set of tools with which to understand himself and those around him. Meditation, philosophy study and a consistent asana practice changed everything, including his path through life. He began to focus on teaching yoga full time. He found ways to integrate his love of music and singing into his yoga classes. Through yoga all the varied and diverse aspects of himself were coming together and finding their home.
He feels so empowered by the teachings that have been shared with him, the big and subtle shifts that have occurred through creating a kinder relationship with his body and mind, that having the opportunity to share this with others gives him great joy and fulfillment. 

What should students expect from your class? Expect classes that are filled with compassion, care and encouragement.

Training Certifications: 200HR E-RYT