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Heather Leikam

Training Certifications
Pilates / Indoor Cycling

Heather began her indoor cycling career, unbeknownst to herself, February 2008. 

Chronic problems with her feet (Plantar Fasciitis) peaked that preceding New Years '07 (as did her weight & a love for eating nacho's) and so she succumbed to what for her was "the-oh-so-daunting-cycling-class-invite". She gained 2lbs that first month, up another 4lbs more that second month, but riding just made her feel great so she just kept going despite the numbers on the scale and feeling like she would just have to make peace with her fate and enjoy the ride. Come May she was down 16lbs, July 11lbs more, and the rest is history. Upon the insistance of her beloved instructors she again succumbed to "the-disturbing-teacher-training-invite". She was certified October that very same 2008. An entirely new body and an entirely new career keep her happy & healthy today, with an addition of a Pilates Certificate in 2015, and a firm belief that anything is possible when you persevere and stay positive!

Heather still loves nacho's and is likely eating some nacho's this very minute.
Ride On!

What should students expect from your class? Expect to GET LOST, bottomline. I strive for my riders "lose themselves" in the beat, the body, the bike and the breath!

Training Certifications: Pilates / Indoor Cycling