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Ambre Rippon

Training Certifications
500HR / YYoga YHot

What can students expect from your class? Expect a challenging class with a lot of specific physical alignment cues and hard work, from a place of compassion and respect for each person's personal journey and limitations. Each class, however many times we meet our mat, is different and unique, even in a similar sequence of postures such as Yhot. I value persistence and patience, courage and playfulness, reaching for limits and honouring the body's subtle messages of when to back off or play at a different edge than what is visually "the full extent". Your yoga is yours and yoga is for your body, never against it, and so understanding these awesome balances has been an important part of my journey, and healing injuries, which I hope to share through the yoga experience. A sense of community is also very important to me.

In hot yoga, I love the detox, the challenge, the physiological and therapeutic benefits, the internal process, and the deliberate sequence of particular standing postures and balancing series, to spinal strengthening and floor sequence, to rest. Hot yoga is, amongst other things, a cleanse and the absolute dissolving of unwanted toxins, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, through your breath, your asana practice and of course, your sweat!! So expect a stoking of the fire, a head to toe work-out which is great for cross-training, and a challenging practice in which you are always welcome to rest or play at different edge than what you practiced last week or last year, where your mind can get more focused and clear. I hope you feel safe to play and practice in a space that is not about performing any posture but unfolding your own practice and discipline, and what that means to you. You will be challenged and also deeply respected and supported. You will be offered the opportunity to clear away the junk, access a truly amazing practice, and leave feeling cleansed and light. Beginners welcome.

Training Certifications: 500HR / YYoga YHot