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We now accept ALL membership Hold requests by online form

Your electronic submission will go directly to a YYOGA Team Leader who will review and complete your request within approximately 72 hours. This means you no longer have to visit the studio in-person to request your Hold by written form. Rather, submit your request on the go by smartphone or the comfort of your own home! Use the form below to submit a request to place your Month-to-Month, Annual or Builders Membership on hold. All Hold requests must be submitted through this online form.

Note that we require at least 72 hours’ notice to review and process requests. Requests received less than 72 hours in advance will be processed as soon as possible but without guarantee of matching your requested start date or preventing a scheduled Month-to-Month Membership billing. Requests for exceptions to Hold Policy can be submitted by online form, however they are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a by-case basis only. Once approved, your hold will be placed. You will only receive notification in the event there is an issue with your request or we are not able to approve it.

YYOGA Hold Policy

Members are eligible to place Month-to-Month, Annual or Builders Memberships on hold

  • Holds must be a minimum of 14 days in length. 
  • More than one hold is permitted provided that the combined total of holds does not exceed 60 days per calendar year.  
  • Hold requests must be made in advance and cannot be backdated.  
  • Holds requested for medical reasons must be accompanied by a doctor's note. A YYOGA Team Member will respond to your request with instructions on how to submit your note. 
Month-to-Month Membership Details 
  • Monthly payments will not be billed while a Month-to-Month Membership is on hold  
  • When the membership resumes, monthly payments will be adjusted forward by the number of days the membership was on hold  
  • Monthly payments, once billed, are not eligible for refund 
Annual/Builders Membership Details  
  • Membership expiry dates will be adjusted by the number of days the hold was in place 
  • Time added to the end of a membership as a result of an approved hold/extension is not eligible for refund  

NOTE: 30/$40 Intro Passes, 5-Class, 10-Class, Limited Promotional Passes (i.e. Summer 15-Class Pass) and other passes as specified by YYOGA are not eligible for holds. Memberships cannot be placed on hold once Cancellation notice has been given.

Holds Form