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Yoga & Fitness Benefits

Whether you're looking to start a new yoga or fitness routine for your group, or simply add onto existing health and wellness programs; YYoga has something for everyone! 

Our Studios

  • All passes are valid at all 12 YYoga locations (10 in BC, 2 in Toronto)
  • All passes are valid for any of our styles including yoga, meditation, fitness, indoor cycling and Pilates
  • Amazing amenities including infrared saunas, organic tea, shower products, lockers, and optional mat & towel service

Our Yoga

  • Quality instruction from the best yoga teachers in the city for all levels
  • Learn the art of mindfulness, breathing techniques and simple movements for relaxation 
  • A wide variety of yoga styles for what you're craving: slow, stretchy, hot, fast, or powerful   

Our Fitness

  • From low impact to high intensity, we've got fitness for every level
  • Build strength and endurance while having fun as a team 
  • Shorter fitness classes for a quick lunchtime energy and endorphin boost

Option 1: Drop-In Passes

Drop In Passes are available for purchase in quantities of 50 or more. The more you buy, the more you save! 

Perfect for groups of any size looking for easy to distribute employee perks, team rewards, incentives, thank-yous, surprises and holiday gifts! 

Contact us by using the link below and provide your order details and within three business days, we will be in touch with a quote to complete your order!

Contact US

Option 2: Class Passes and Memberships

Fill out the form below and bring a copy into YYoga centre. With 10 or more people, you'll receive a coupon for 15% off YYoga pass products (5-Class, 10-Class and Annual Passes) valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Sports team or work team; run club or book club; friend group or mommy group, any team of 10 is eligible to sign up as a group for a short-term discount!

Group Discount Form

Option 3: Renting Our Space & Private Events

Customized classes, group events, and space rentals are available at all YYoga locations. Space rentals or events may require insurance.  We will take requests for teacher, location and time but all are subject to availability. 

Perfect for a team-building event, birthday party, bridal shower, or anything fun you can think of! 

Contact us by completing the form using the link below and we will be in touch within three business days to discuss your event request. 

Click here to book your private event


How long are drop-in class passes valid for?

One (1) Year from date of purchase. 

Do you provide deeper discounts on bigger 'bulk' purchases?

Please contact us with your order size for a quote.

How long are corporate and group discount codes valid for? 

Corporate discounts are valid until the end of the calendar year in which the discount was created. 

Group discounts are valid for one month from date of issue. 

How many people do I need to participate on the corporate or group discount program? 

We ask that at you have at least 10 people per calendar year purchasing a pass product at YYoga. Companies and groups who do not meet this criteria will not be renewed for a subsequent year.

Join our growing community of Groups and Corporate Partners practicing at YYoga!