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January 30th, 2020

January, a month that often feels like three-in-one as we shift from the season of giving to giving back to ourselves. Intentions and commitments. Major progress. Pauses. Many of us appreciate the seasonal reminder that any day can be Day 1.

Whether it’s your Day 1 at YYOGA or you’ve been with us for years, welcome – we’re thrilled you’re here. 


If you’re planning your first visit to a studio, please arrive early so we can answer your questions and accompany you on a studio tour!

You will need a yoga mat, a mat towel (if you’re planning on getting sweaty) and a shower towel (if you’re planning on showering). We can provide any of these for a rental fee of $3.50 per item.

You will need running shoes if you're taking one of our fitness classes: YRide, YFit, or TRX.

Stay hydrated! Bring a water bottle. We do not sell single-use plastic water bottles, instead, we have free, filtered water fountains. Or you can purchase a reusable YYOGA water bottle for $7.50. We also offer complimentary organic tea and a variety of food and beverage products from local and sustainable businesses.


Reservations are available 6 days in advance and up to 30 minutes before class starts. Making a reservation online is great for scheduling and accountability, but even with a reservation, you must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to secure your spot. This includes our ClassPass guests. At the 10-minute mark, reserved spots will be extended to our wait-listed guests on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for understanding.

For more information regarding reservations, see our FAQ page.


We have 15+ different class styles and some of those are heated.

Our YHot classes are hot hot hot – heated to approximately 40 degrees and increased humidity, while the sequence is beginner-friendly the heat adds serious intensity. Power classes are heated to approximately 32 degrees, but you’ll likely feel warmer as you flow. Our YSculpt classes are also heated to approximately 24-26 degrees. These styles may not be suitable for pregnant women or those with known health conditions. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns. Come hydrated and prepared to sweat.

Hatha, Flow, Yin (unless otherwise noted), and Restorative, as well as our other signature fitness styles and fusion classes, like Pilates and Barre, are non-heated and practiced at room temperature. 

If you'd like advice on any class style, please come chat with us at the front desk!


More than anything, our studios are a safe space where you belong, where you can disconnect to connect. Here are some small actions you can take to preserve your experience and support others:

Class begins right on time so please arrive at least 15 minutes early to accommodate parking, sign-in, and anything else you may need to do to settle in (change, bathroom, catch up with a friend). Guests will not be permitted into studio rooms once class has started.
Protect your valuables by securing them in the lockers provided or leave valuables at home when possible.
Cellphones are not permitted in saunas or yoga & fitness rooms while class is in session. We love your before and after yoga selfies (tag us @yyoga), but please exercise awareness and respect the privacy of others.
Remove your shoes when you enter the studio. Walking barefoot is remarkably grounding. Let those toes breathe. Although athletic shoes are required for the following classes: YFit, YRide (sneakers or clip-ons), & TRX.
Be mindful of noise levels by speaking low or observing silence while in studio rooms and sauna.
Consider your fellow yogis when placing down your mat. We believe in moving together and the power in collective energy. Please scooch over as necessary. If smaller classes are what you’re after, we’ll happily share our recommendations. Certain class styles and certain times might align better with softer and slower needs, just let us know at the front desk.
Be smart about attending multiple classes. Choose classes that end and start at least 15 minutes apart and complement each other.
Put your props away after class, wipe down your bike and wipe around yourself if necessary.
For your personal health and safety, be mindful of heated classes and limit your sauna sessions to 20 minutes at a time. 
Respect allergies and sensitives by going perfume-free. All of our studios provide organic shower products.

A friendly reminder for our new guests: please bring your ID with you on your first visit so we can verify your account. You will be asked to fill out a waiver if you haven’t already online.

With all that said, we thank all our guests for embodying yoga’s values. Thank you for welcoming others. Thank you for making and maintaining spaces that are peaceful, playful, and safe.

We hope this information helps in ensuring your YYOGA experience is exactly what you need. Regardless of the time of year, “exactly what you need” can mean many things so continue to honour where you’re at and embrace the energy surrounding you and your mat. You’re in good company.


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