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5 Classes for $65

March 20th, 2020

To our YYOGA fam,

As many of you know from our update on March 19th, we face the difficult reality that we will need to remain temporarily closed until further notice. 

During this closure, we wish more than anything to support our teachers and team -- who have been dramatically affected -- recoup the wages that EI can’t cover. Unfortunately we do not currently have the funds to fill in that gap. So we’ve come up with another solution -- asking you, our community, for help. 

We've launched a 5 Class Pack sale (valid for when we reopen) where we will contribute 100% of the sales as follows:

  • 50% to our teaching staff
  • 50% to our employees 

This sale ends April 30th, 2020.


The other way you can support our teachers is by tuning into our live streams on ZoomInstagramFacebook and YouTube and also by subscribing to YYOGA at Home. We pay our teachers their full rates for these live classes so if you’re liking them, tune in and tell us and we’ll add more! 

Additionally, 100% of subscription revenue generated will be put towards paying teachers in our next video shoot for YYOGA at Home -- which means more content for you and more income opportunities for them.

We will also offered a digital 30 Day Challenge on YYOGA at Home (you can still follow along the challenge but the discounted rate has expired on April 1) and offering a discounted annual subscription. Any income generated from that initiative will go straight into booking and paying teachers for additional filming with us this Spring.

On behalf of our teachers and team members - THANK YOU - for your support.

We truly can’t wait to welcome you back to your mat in studio. 

We miss you!

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