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4 Yoga Poses To Do With Your Dog

September 16th, 2019

If you’re a devoted puppy parent, then you know that the best things in life are the things you can share with dog! You might also know that trying to get away from your furry friend to do a yoga class can be a little ruff sometimes. That’s why we’ve come up with 4 yoga poses that you can do at home with your dog  when you need a little time to “paws” and reflect. 

1. Downward Dog - it has its name for a reason! Plant all 4 of your paws on the ground, take a big breath in and lift up your hips until you become an upside-down V.” This stretch for the back of your legs and spine is a great one for your pup to mimic and stretch out alongside you. They pawsitively love it!

2. Child’s Pose - Find your inner child as you bring your hips to your heels and your forehead to the earth. Let this grounding moment feel playful as you allow your pup to sniff, lick and kiss you while you take a few deep breaths in this resting pose. 

3. Cat-Cow - don’t let the name fool you! Doggos love these dynamic movements that include mindfully arching and rounding your spine on your hands and knees, while focusing on your breathing. This is a great one to keep treats nearby for your puppy pal!

4. Savasana. Ahh, the best for last, and don’t skip this one - this is where you’ll feel the biggest trans-fur-mation. Feel free to sprawl out, lay flat on your back with your pup, take deep, mindful breaths and close your eyes. Your pup might even get a little sleepy and snuggly alongside with you! Cherish this moment with your dog and allow that lovely relaxation to float into the rest of your day!

All proceeds from the Rover + YYOGA event will benefit the Second Chance in Life Foundation | @scilfoundation - we raised over $1,000 to help them!

For anyone interested in local rescue organizations, you can find some others here:

Black Dog Rescue Society
(Greater Vancouver Area)
IG: @blackdogrescuesocietybc

CAARE (Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Effort) 
(Greater Vancouver Area)
FB @CAARE-Companion-Animal-Advocacy-Rescue-Effort
IG @caarerescue

Small Dog Rescue
(Greater Vancouver Area)
FB @smalldogrescuebc
IG @smalldogrescuebc

Raincoast Dog Dog Rescue Society
(Victoria - adopts dogs to families all over Canada)
FB @raincoastdogrescue
IG https://www.instagram.com/raincoastdogrescue/  

(Locations BC-wide)
FB @bcspca
IG @bcspca

(Adopts dogs to families all over BC)
FB https://www.facebook.com/nwtspca/
IG https://www.instagram.com/nwtspca/

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