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YYOGA was founded in 2007 by Vancouver entrepreneur, Terry McBride, who had experienced the benefits of yoga and fallen in love with the practice. At the heart of his vision was the desire to create community spaces for people to connect authentically to themselves and others. 

With Terry's original intention of making the world a better place through the practice of yoga and with the power of mindfulness in mind, we've set out to create places for our guests to disconnect and go inward, places where they feel like they belong. We believe this is more important than ever before and fiercely protecting this has always been our goal.

As a busy dad and entrepreneur, Terry also knew the value of time and wanted to ensure that time at YYOGA was time well-spent; and so our network of studios was born with quality teaching, ease, variety and access to multiple locations in mind.

Initially growing through partnerships with other yoga studios in Vancouver, YYOGA’s community has grown to 12 current locations within B.C. and Ontario.

The YYOGA we see today has been built on the belief that yoga and the communities that surround it have the power to change the world and that you deserve to live your healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled life. 

We hope to connect with you within our studios and @YYOGA.