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Pick up your FREE play card at the front desk! Complete a challenge, get your card punched. 8 punches gets you entered into the prize draw. 10 punches gets you a bonus entry!


3 X 1 Month Passes
3 X 5 Class Passes
3 X Drop-Ins For Two 
3 X Mat & Towel Cards


Fanny F

Antje W

Juliana J

Chris G

Tom W

Lauren S

Sam G

Mark B

Kelsey N

Lauren G

Mo A

Julia S


PDF copy of the play card is available for download:


Starting February 1, complete a challenge, get it verified at the front desk and get your card punched! Once you have 8 punches, fill out your contact details and hand in your card at the front desk to be entered for the prize draw.  If you get 10 punches, you’ll get a bonus entry.  Complete your challenges and hand your card in by end of day, February 28th.