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Workshop: Be Here Now

Feb 23 2020
1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Presenters: Jasmina Egeler
Cost: $40
Location: Downtown Flow

Turn your focus into concentration. Turn your concentration into meditation. 

In this workshop, we will play with different techniques to bring your mind and your physical body together at the same time. Tap into your physical yoga practice and develop and/or fine-tune your ability to stay focused and in the present moment. 

This workshop is an invitation to observe how and when you drift into default mode in your practice and to practice tools to disrupt your 'auto pilot'.

Expect a light yoga practice. Please bring your mat and a notebook. All levels welcome.

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About the Teacher

Jasmina Egeler

What can students expect from your class? Students can expect a balance of play, discipline and studied wisdom; Expect to tap into your curious nature and explore your true potential. Expect to be challenged at all levels – building up...

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