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Transform Anxiety: A Meditation Workshop

Feb 16 2020
1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Presenters: Carolyn Anne Budgell
Cost: $40
Location: Downtown Flow

Are you easily swept away into anxious thoughts about situations that are out of your control? Do you find yourself distracted, all too often, worrying about the past or the future?

The quickest and often most effective way to transform anxiety is by simply breathing, in a conscious way. And when you do, the nervous system soaks it up, the muscles release years of pent up tension and the mind has space to try something different – be in the moment. Breath is one of the transformative stages of meditation, and such a simple practice!

Join Carolyn in this all-levels workshop to identify and cope with physical and mental stress. We will explore meditations using calming pranayama/breathwork as well as some journalling. You will leave feeling grounded in a deeper understanding of how to create clarity within your thoughts and how to evoke gentleness towards your process.

Please bring a notebook. All levels welcome.

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About the Teacher

Carolyn Anne Budgell

Carolyn fell into yoga in 1999, while living the ski bum dream in Whistler. It initially provided agility for her snowboarding, skateboarding and trail running. Now, as a teacher in Vancouver, she continually learns how to connect with others and...

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