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Follow Your Heart

May 26 2018
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Presenters: Jayme Burke
Cost: $30
Location: West Sixth

Jayme is a teacher and registered holistic nutritionist helping people find a peaceful state of being.

In winter we tend to retreat into ourselves. This can result in a sore upper back and neck, tight shoulders and chest, and weakened core.  Warmer weather makes it an optimal time to restore balance in your spine, stretch out your shoulders, and discover an open heart, both physically and spiritually.

In this workshop learn to safely prepare your shoulders, spine, and hips for back bending, find more mobility through the use of props, learn deeper variations of heart openers, and explore the holistic health benefits of an open heart chakra. All levels welcome.

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About the Teacher

Jayme Burke

Jayme studied with Daniel Clement of Open Source Yoga in 2011 to obtain her 240 Hour Yoga Instructor Certificate. She has trained with Yyoga’s mentorship program under the tutelage of Clara Roberts-Oss, completed Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthew’s Yoga Anatomy...

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