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By Donation Hatha Class - Honour the Feminine, Celebrate your Divine Femininity

Mar 05 2020
7:15 PM - 8:45 PM

Presenters: Jayla Pearce
Cost: $10
Location: Queen Street West

Join us for 90 minutes of relaxation, gentle Hatha bliss as Jayla Pearce guides you through a thoughtful evening that will restore your feminine divine and awaken the deepest, most passionate parts of yourself. Practice in a space surrounded by fresh flower petals with hands on adjustments/gentle touches by Tori Lovegrove.

Plus, enjoy a yummy chia pudding snack after class, courtesy of our friends at Garden Gangsters!

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About the Teacher

Jayla Pearce

She loves to make her classes fun and light-hearted, encouraging some laughs. She is warm and welcoming, so you can focus on going inward and listening to your body. Jayla completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 at Downward Dog Yoga Centre,...

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