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Bring Your Valentine to Yoga - a fun, gentle partner yoga workshop

Feb 16 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Presenters: Ashley McEachern
Cost: $40
Location: Queen Street West

Bring your partner, best friend, family member, or date to this playful, relaxing, and educational Valentine workshop. Postures include meditation, seated, standing, and balancing poses sweetened by delicious restorative postures with adjustments to complete the workshop.  YYOGA teacher trainer Ashley Holly McEachern will lead a gentle, fun, and therapeutic partner yoga workshop. Learn how to assist one another into your favorite yoga poses, discover how to integrate massage techniques into your partner yoga practice, and increase trust through moving together.

Open to all levels. Only one mat per couple needed. Price is per person.

Important Information

  • Price is $40 per person, $80 per couple.  

  • GUESTS MUST pre-register for BOTH persons in a couple.

  • One guest can pre-register BOTH persons in studio.

  • If any guest has not been to YYOGA before, or never filled out a waiver, guests MUST arrive 30 mins in advance of the workshop to leave enough time to fill out a waiver, and get a space.

  • If a guest registers ONLY one person, and not their partner, there may not be space for their partner to attend, and they will be turned away on arrival.

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About the Teacher

Ashley McEachern

What can students expect from your class? Ashley teaches with a deep passion for helping others on their healing journey, whether that is physical, emotional or spiritual. Her classes include breathwork, meditation, anatomical focus, powerful hands on adjustments and a...

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