Safety Message to Our Community

Dear YYOGA fam,

Thank you to those who continue to work with us to maintain safe environments by respecting our safety protocols. We’re grateful to you and your relentless commitment to kindness even through such difficulty. 

Our protocols are based on what public health officials require in order to navigate this pandemic as safely as possible, and therefore they must be enforced for us to remain operational. 

If you need to brush up on our safety procedures, please view them at They’re updated regularly as public health information evolves.

Any guests who do not follow them will not be welcome in our studios as they’d be risking not only the health of our people and other guests, but the livelihood of our teachers and team should a closure be mandated in the future. 

We know this is a challenging time; we also know that we can get through it together. Your kindness and mutual respect is critical in creating a place in which all people, including our teams, feel safe and cared for.

We’re working hard to continue being there for you.

Thank you for being there for us.

Thank you,