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Reopening Update

May 15th, 2020

To our YYOGA fam,

We want to start today’s update by thanking you for being the most amazing community.

The temporary closure of our studios has been the toughest challenge our community has seen in 12 years. Your encouragement and kind words of support - even though you have been going through your own difficult times - has been incredibly powerful and meaningful for all of us.

It has given us the motivation and inspiration to keep going. To keep fighting for this community, and to do everything we can to ensure you have safe spaces to come back to.

We’ve all been feeling and observing the ways in which our world is changing. We’ve heard from you that you love the virtual classes so these will continue. In the short term, they’ll likely look the same with live classes booked through our website and YYOGA at Home offering pre-recorded, on-demand options.

We’re also considering what the future of YYOGA at Home looks like as we continue to integrate the in-studio experience with the virtual one.

With both a studio reopening on the horizon and the continuation of our virtual classes top of mind, it’s necessary to understand from you what you’d like to see as part of the future of YYOGA. We’ll be sending a survey out early next week where your voice can be heard.

Reopening Plans

We’ve also been hard at work putting together a reopening plan. Step one of which was to work with public health officials to understand health and safety requirements for all regions. Additionally, we’ve been identifying what we as an organization feel are the additional, precautionary steps we’d like to take to keep our community safe as we emerge from this health crisis together. 

Because our top priority is the health and safety of our entire community and team, we will only be opening when we feel we have the right plan in place, and the right team members trained to execute that plan. We will not be opening a moment sooner.

For B.C., we are currently preparing for some time in June; we recognize that Ontario’s timing may be different and will share news regarding our Toronto studios as soon as we can.

We expect to share a date soon. At that time, we’ll also update you on what your options are with your memberships. They are currently still paused and no action is required by you at this time.

The world is emerging from this differently, and your experience in our studios will be different, especially in the beginning phase. For example, you can expect select locations to reopen first, as we test and adapt our strategies to ensure the safety protocols and new procedures are functioning the way we need them to.

As we work through these pieces, we’ll share with you what these are so you have clear expectations, not just around what to expect from us, but what will be required from you to help us ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

What’s important for you to be prepared for is there will be some non-negotiable protocols (such as contact-less self check-in and bring your own mat) that we want to ensure you know about before you come to class. Only those who follow these mandatory safety guidelines will be permitted into the studios.  

Thank you again for your support, it means the world to us. We love you and are thinking about you.

Hope to see you soon,


YYOGA President

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